Doctor of Audiology student finds home at NIU

Emilie Liotine is a graduate student in the Doctor of Audiology program at NIU.

Emilie Liotine was initially drawn to NIU’s doctor of audiology program because of the state-of-the-art

clinic located campus. Now a second year doctoral student, Liotine has a long list of reasons why she’s glad she chose to be a Huskie.

“I really loved that the program implements hands-on clinical observation experience during the very first semester,” Liotine said. “This allowed the transition from observation (in my first semester) to having a case load of patients during the second semester to become a much smoother process.”

Also high on the list was NIU’s small cohort and the sense of community it provides to students in the program.

“Being part of a small cohort is so imperative and valuable to me,” Liotine said. “I have truly been blessed to be going through this program with such respectful, kind and hard-working individuals.”

With a small cohort comes increased interaction and support from professors and preceptors who are experts in their fields.

“I enjoy the support system of our preceptors and professors,” Liotine said. “They constantly encourage us and assist us with issues or obstacles we may be having academically or clinically.”

Liotine said entering a doctoral level graduate program is challenging, and it’s important to find balance by prioritizing academics, work and clinical duties.

“I have learned to set goals for myself and achieve them, but also to forgive myself and adjust accordingly if those goals are unable to be met at a certain time,” Liotine said. “(My advice to others is to) be confident in yourself and know that it is okay to ask for help from anyone, including your professors, preceptors, or other individuals in the cohorts above you. You are not going to know everything, so ask all of the questions you have!”

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