Introducing the Audiology Alumni Board

Each year, a group of alumni from the NIU Audiology program travel from all over the country to share their knowledge, practices and experience with NIU audiology students and faculty.

We asked some of our alumni board members for their thoughts on our program. Here’s what they had to say:

Rachel Magann Faivre, Au.D, (’14)
Hearts for Hearing

“The NIU audiology team provides support and encouragement for Doctor of Audiology students to pursue their varied clinical and research interests. They are given the building blocks and guidance for becoming autonomous professionals and leaders in the hearing and balance profession.”

Captain Jennifer Seales, Au.D. (’10)
Hearing Program Manager
“The faculty at NIU work tirelessly to ensure that students receive a broad range of clinical and academic experiences. They prepared me well for my fourth year Externship.”

Laura A. Weese, Au.D. (’09)
“The clinical experiences I received from NIU gave me the necessary skills needed to work confidently with patients. Attending NIU also allowed me the opportunity to develop wonderful friendships with people who share my interests in Audiology.”

Amelia Hartman, Au.D. (’08)
Owner, Hartman Audiology
“Receiving my Doctorate in Audiology from NIU was one of the most rewarding, yet difficult, experiences in my life thus far. The highlight of my years spent at NIU, was without a doubt, the clinical staff. They taught me how to integrate the knowledge from the classroom and put it into practice with my patients. Their guidance laid the foundation for the thorough and conscientious patient care which I’m thankful for today.”

Laura Spinelli, MA (’91)
Clinical Audiologist

“NIU prepared me well for my work as an Audiologist in an ENT department. After taking time off to raise my family, I decided to return to NIU and audit the Amplification course to receive some hands-on review and instruction in what had changed in the field. Returning to NIU has been an enjoyable experience. The new clinic is stocked with the latest equipment and the students are hands-on as much as permissible right away. The program provides students with a foundation that will allow them to work in any setting they chose with confidence.”





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