Donor funds learning aid

Janiece Bollie

Thanks to the generous donation of Janiece Bollie, our students have a new educational aid. The donation helped fund the creation of an “edema leg” by a specialist in make-up effects. The leg was created to not only look real, but provide different visual cues depending on where the examiner pushes on the skin during assessment. Bollie, who faces some medical challenges herself, said she likes to donate to causes related to her own medical issues; her hope is to help someone in the future who has the same condition.

The leg will be made available to all instructors and faculty and will also be used in the simulation lab to support some of the scenarios students experience there. This experiential learning tool will help take the students’ learning experience to a new level. The School of Nursing students and faculty would like thank Bollie for her thoughtful donation.

A custom “edema leg” created by Jason Kain, a specialist in makeup effects.
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