Public Health professor researching lead levels in rural domesic wells

Sarah Geiger, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor of Public Health Sarah Geiger has begun a research project, “Lead in Homes with Domestic Wells in Three Illinois Counties.”

Geiger explains this work will characterize lead levels in water used by families in primarily rural areas of Illinois that obtain water from domestic wells. The findings will indicate whether further study and public health interventions are needed to reduce lead exposures among users of well water in Illinois.
The research also aims to  characterize the distribution of lead concentrations and water corrosivity in homes using domestic well water in three counties in Illinois; and to develop and evaluate health department partnerships, participant recruitment approaches, and home sampling methods in order to inform the design of a scaled-up study.

If water lead levels (WLLs) are found to be elevated, options for mitigating sources of lead and/orcorrosivity will be explored with owners of impacted homes, with health departments, and with staff of other government agencies.
This research is funded by Illinois Sustainable Technology Center.

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