AHCD students team up to learn new perspectives

Graduate students from audiology, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology have found a way to ‘SPARC’ dialog with each other.

Students Promoting Active Reflection and Conversations (SPARC) was created to facilitate communication between the Allied Health and Communicative Disorders students whose classes are all in the Wellness and Literary Center. Students gathered on the center’s lawn last month for a team building event.

Eight to nine students met each other, many for the first time, and completed a photo treasure hunt in and around the Wellness and Literacy Building. The team building event was designed to help students gain proficiency and understanding relating to values/ethics, roles/responsibilities, communication, and teams/teamwork. By placing students from each program in teams and balancing teams with beginning students and advanced students, they all have the chance meet new people and be exposed to multiple perspectives.

The students teamed up – 20 teams, named after neurological structures — identified a topic and are beginning to schedule 30-minute interprofessional education events throughout the semester for other AHCD graduate students and faculty.  Some presentation titles are Interdisciplinary care for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, effective rehabilitation in those with dementia, and assessing a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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