NIU Audiology Symposium and Grand Rounds Invitational held

Audiology symposium presenters.

The first annual NIU Audiology Symposium and Grand Rounds Invitational was held Oct. 20, 2017, with a topic of “Audiology on the Hill: OTC and Our Profession’s Future Focus.”

The keynote speaker was Dr. Mead Killion of Etymotic Research, with speakers including Ingrida Lusis of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Daniel Romero of NIU/Henry Ford, Mariah Cheyney of NIU, and David Kemp of Oaktree Products.

Students from area Au.D. programs were invited to present posters of clinical cases, and were rated on their understanding of the topics and professionalism of the presentation. The highest-rated students as determined by an external judging panel were Sarah Morgan, Rachel Stuehm, and Shannon Vokac, of NIU. Sarah was awarded a MacroView Digital Otoscope donated by Gordon Stowe, and both Shannon and Rachel were awarded $50 gift cards from GNReSound. Widex USA, Inc. sponsored the event.

Grand Rounds is a time-honored tradition of sharing diagnostic and rehabilitative cases to a group of higher-level trainees (traditionally medical residents). NIU Doctor of Audiology students complete a series of case study presentations during their third year in a variety of formats. Poster presentations are a common mode of sharing clinical information at state and national conferences. Clinical Grand Rounds posters require a student to use a patient’s history, diagnosis or treatment as a springboard for deep examination of the relevant literature.

Posters – including mentoring faculty members – included:

Faculty Mentor: Danica Billingsly
Rachel Stuehm – Under the Influence: Drug Addiction and Hearing Loss
Shannon Vokac – At Least as Likely as Not: Determining Relationship of Hearing Loss to Military Service
Michael Mangini – Painful Tinnitus: A Review of Middle Ear Myoclonus

Faculty Mentor: Mariah Cheyney
Anastasia Grindle – Beyond “Just Ears”: Pediatric Bone Conduction Verification and Comprehensive Case Management

Faculty Mentor: Blythe Kitner
Sarah Morgan – Addressing Vestibular Symptoms in a Patient With an Eating Disorder
Kassondra Hemmen – Finding the Missing Link Between Patient Report and Patient Results
Uyen Nguyen – Vascular Compression of the Eighth Cranial Nerve: Otologic Findings and Management

Faculty Mentor: Diane ScheckLong
Jacalyn Segura – It’s Cloudy: Pediatric Cholesteatomas

Faculty Mentor: Antony Joseph
Michelle Wattman – Acoustic Neuroma Post-Operative Complications: A Case Report

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