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Nutrition Interns
The 2018 Nutrition Interns: Rachel Bagne, Emily Burns, Nicole Havlik, Jessie Maturrano, Katie Palomares, Isabelle Schexnayder, and Brianna Sommer.

Welcome to Nutrition In yoU. I’m Emily Burns, a Dietetic Intern and graduate research assistant, pursuing my M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics here at NIU. Each week, I, along with some of my fellow students, will be sharing nutrition tips and other cool things you need to know about diet and wellness. Drop a comment if there are topics you’d like Nutrition In yoU to cover in the future.

Welcome back to an awesome, new school year! College is all about meeting new people and finding your own sense of independence. Often, with busy schedules, healthy habits tend to go by the wayside. Yet, this year that does not have to happen. In fact, NIU dietetic interns are here to offer nutrition coaching Monday-Friday at the Student Recreation Center. Not convinced yet? Here are some benefits of nutrition counseling that may help persuade you.

  1. Develop healthy eating habits – This tip is a given. Yet, many will be surprised at healthy habits that form by just talking about them out loud.
  2. Talk to real people – The internet is filled with misinformation. So, why not, talk to someone who is knowledgeable about nutrition to decipher through real facts and construct goals to fit your needs and wants?
  3. Increase your energy – Balancing school and real-life responsibilities can be exhausting. Yet, with a healthy diet, you can find the energy to balance both in a healthy, satisfying way.
  4. Learn something new – Learn to expand on your food options, while living on campus or while commuting to school
  5. Find your happiness – Putting your health first will not only help you increase your longevity, but also, increase your happiness. Learn to love yourself and love what you eat.

So, why not start off your year off right by scheduling a nutrition counseling appointment at the Student Recreation Center. Appointments are available during the fall and spring semesters at a variety of times Monday-Friday.

You’ll meet with a Dietetic Intern (so you’re helping out a fellow Huskie) for an initial, free consultation. With a semester long nutrition coaching pass, you will be able to meet every week with a dietetic intern at your convenience. If you’re looking to mix both exercise and nutrition into your routine, try our Nutrition & Group or Fitness & Wellness Starter Pack. Each bundle includes fitness (whether it be Fit Pass or Fitness assessment) with nutrition coaching. Whether you need help with meal planning or just need some direction on healthy eating, Dietetic Interns are here to help.

Sign up on our  go.niu.edu/nutritioncounseling or call Campus Recreation at 815-753-0231. We look forward to seeing you!

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