Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation cites NIU as ‘Champion Site’

NIU’s Dietetic Internship is one of four programs in the United States who have been identified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation as a Champion Site for the new Sustainable, Resilient, and Healthy Food and Water Systems Curriculum.

“Under the direction of Nancy Prange, the faculty, staff, and students in Nutrition and Dietetics are distinguished leaders for their innovative approaches to training the next generation of food and nutrition professions,” stated Martin Yadrick, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Chair.

With an educational grant from the National Dairy Council, the Foundation will continue the Future of Food initiative which seeks to expand efforts to support sustainable, safe food systems. The grant allows them to implement curriculum at the four Champion Sites. NIU receives hands-on support from the Foundation as well as co-develops enhanced learning activities for students.



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