Nutrition In yoU: Meet the Spring 2019 Nutrition Coaches

Dining Hall Experience 

Being in my food service rotation, I spend a majority of my time in the kitchen of Neptune Hall. The great thing about Neptune Hall is the bakery. They are the only dorm on campus that has a bakery within the kitchen. As a fellow sweets lover, I am in heaven each day that I walk into the dining hall. Every morning it smells of fresh cookies, donuts, and cakes.

As a worker there, we get to our meals free, which is a tremendous plus, as a broke graduate student. However, it provides me with insight into what students go through on a daily basis when it comes to the food choices. It’s quite overwhelming! There is a salad station, an entree line, a grill, a deli, an action station, and desserts. Overall, there are A LOT of options. Even as a dietetic intern, I get caught up in all the choices, that I tend to take more than I actually am hungry for.

With this experience, I can’t help but think how beneficial nutrition coaching at the Recreation Center would be for students. With education and helpful tips, I believe students could benefit greatly from these services. Being bombarded with various food choices, nutrition coaches could help reduce that anxiety and re-center students.

Nutrition Coaching: What does it entail?

The 2019 Spring Nutrition Interns: Kelli Brody, Elizabeth Voyles, Georgia MCArtney, Alexandra Sarkisian, Maddie Squier, Haley Peterson, and Sara Mattillion

You’ll meet with a Dietetic Intern (so you’re helping out a fellow Huskie) for an initial, free consultation. With a semester long nutrition coaching pass, you will be able to meet every week with a dietetic intern at your convenience. If you’re looking to mix both exercise and nutrition into your routine, try our Nutrition & Group or Fitness & Wellness Starter Pack. Each bundle includes fitness (whether it be Fit Pass or Fitness assessment) with nutrition coaching. Whether you need help with meal planning or just need some direction on healthy eating, Dietetic Interns are here to help.

Sign up on our or call Campus Recreation at 815-753-0231. We look forward to seeing you!

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