Alumni Profile: Artice Weston Jr., Au.D.

Graduated: December 2007

Degree: B.S., Communicative Disorders

Experience at NIU: Artice was involved with the Communicative Disorders Student Association and Communicative Disorder Reform by Advocating Diversity (COMRAD) as an undergraduate, which helped him develop and discover his identity and voice as a student and future health care professional. His experience at NIU taught him the power and value in his unique attributes that he brings to his career, professional relationships and people he interacts with on a daily basis. He learned to lean into the aspects that make him different.

Professional Success: Artice went on to obtain his doctoral degree in audiology and is now working in academia as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Towson University in Maryland. He is not only a clinical service provider, but also a patient advocate and a mentor for young students entering the field.

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