Alumni Profile: Jeri Hardwick-DeShields, SLP

Graduated: May 2013

Degree: B.A. Communicative Disorders

Experience at NIU: Jeri started at NIU as a junior transfer student, where students and professors quickly made her feel welcomed into the community. She joined clubs that piqued her interest and attended events that helped feed her love for learning. Jeri attributes being among students who had diverse beliefs, values and ways of doing things to increasing her awareness for people who were different than her. This cultivated a desire to learn and grow from other people’s experiences.

Professional Success: Jeri is currently a Speech-Language Pathologist working in the Baltimore Public Schools System. She has a school caseload of students with disabilities and completes bilingual Spanish assessments for the district. Jeri also participates in prevention and intervention for her youngest learners as a way to ensure that children are not being referred to the special education process unnecessarily.

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