Student profile: Jamal Roper, MS Ed. CSCS, SPT

Graduated: August 2015, May 2019

Degree: B.S. Kinesiology, M.S. Ed. Exercise Physiology

Current Doctor of Physical Therapy Student (DPT)

Experience at NIU: Jamal attended NIU for both his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Master’s in Exercise Physiology. He is now a second-year student in NIU’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program (DPT).

Professional Success: Jamal credits the knowledge and experience he gained at NIU in helping him achieve his dream of owning a personal and large group training studio. Once completing the DPT program and becoming a clinician, Jamal plans on assisting future students and giving back to the several communities he has grown within. Currently, the profession of physical therapy is underrepresented by African Americans. Jamal looks to advocate for the profession and encourage African American and minority students to pursue a rewarding career within physical therapy.

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