Student Profile: Ken Barnett

Graduated: May 2016

Degree: B.S. Health Sciences- Pre-Physical Therapy

Current Doctor of Physical Therapy Student (DPT)

Experience at NIU: Ken’s undergraduate experience at NIU assisted him in improving his cognitive and interpersonal abilities to be as best prepared for his graduate student career. Ken had experience with fellowships, research and leadership positions, and philanthropic activities. Ken chose NIU because it allowed him to be close to his family and take advantage of scholarship opportunities.

Professional Success: Ken is currently a third-year graduate student in the process of finishing his Doctor or Physical Therapy (DPT) degree at NIU. His last two clinical rotations are in the outpatient orthopedic setting, which aligns with his intended area of practice, post-graduation. Ken believes that the psycho-social domain for patient care drives his interactions with patients and how he delivers services. He has attended several professional development activities, such as the Combined Sections Meeting, to enhance his education and skills. Ken is seeking to complete an orthopedic residency after graduation in order to specialize. He intends to provide pro bono services in lower socioeconomic populations and to those that are underrepresented in the career field to enhance diversity and inclusion.

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