Collaboration skills focus of Interdisciplinary Case Study

Interdisciplinary case study table
Students and facilitator Blythe Kitner share a laugh at the Interdisciplinary Care Study.

Over 170 students from NIU and University of Illinois at Chicago met last week for the annual Interdisciplinary Case Study. Students in NIU’s audiology, dietetics, medical laboratory science, nursing, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology, and pharmacy students from UIC participated in a discussion about issues related to providing quality health care to a patient.

Giana Ferrari spoke to the Interdisciplinary Case Study participants about rehabilitation resources.

The event aims to help students improve their interdisciplinary collaboration skills such developing trust with patients and other team members, engaging in active listening, and integrating knowledge and experience from other professions as a way to effectively inform care.

Students and their faculty prepared approaches for the case of a 55-year-old female with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, myocardial infarction, hypercholesterolema,¬† sleep apnea, hearing loss, depression and anxiety. The patient’s primary goal is to lose weight to manage diabetes, joint pain, and respiratory problems, and also requested physical therapy and audiology services.

Participants shared their case scope of practice and priorities with students from different disciplines. Participants discussed referrals and how collaboration could improve patient outcomes. Attendees asked the patient questions via Skype and provided her recommendations.

The event included a keynote speaker, Giana Ferrari Ayers, M.A., CRC, LCPC, founder and president of Ferrari Resource Group, Inc. She presented: “The Missing Link to Community Integration: The Role of a Rehabilitation Counselor.”

Ferrari, whose company provides customized support services for teens and adults of all backgrounds and ability levels, is an NIU alumna.

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