Nutrition In yoU: Calling all superheroes to Wirtz Hall Friday February 8th

As a dietetic intern, each new semester is a new rotation. Since I was in life-cycle last semester, I am now in my food service rotation within Neptune dining hall. My life has been a little chaotic, as I have never worked within a food service facility before. However, I am starting to get the hang of things. I may have not perfected the art of cutting an onion. Yet, I do make a delicious batch of French toast.

Just like last semester, the superheroes are taking over New Hall and Neptune on March 19th and March 20th. Captain America and Marvel’s Black Panther are the main superheroes of these two events. These superheroes are switching up the dining hall menu, featuring new items that have never been served before. Of course, with any new food item, testing needs to be done.

Join these heroes this Friday February 8th, as they test new improved recipes to your liking. Starting at 9am until 2pm, recipes will be made as the superheroes will be looking all over Wirtz Hall for hungry people to taste their creations.

Captain America will be showcasing his patriotic side by making red, white, and blue eggplant casserole, flatbread pizza, and coleslaw

Marvel’s Black Panther will be making: zesty African chickpea stew with tilapia, Ethiopian berbere chickpea pizza with tahini garlic dressing, Ethiopian chicken wings, and sweet couscous pudding.

Bring your appetite to Wirtz room 306 this Friday, February 8th, to be the first to test these delicious recipes.

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